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Sep 28, 2010 5:00pm PDT
jong un studied in switzerland for several years. at school, he used the name pak u.n. and it is said he identified him self as theon of the north korean ambassador to switzerland. one of his former classmates says he was polite and quick to learn the german language. kim jong un apparently enjoyed playing basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional player. kim jong un is said to have returned to pyongyang around 2000 and to have attended university in the north korean capital. no information has been available on his whereabouts since that time. there is speculation that kim jong-il has chosen jong un to succeed him due to his son's leadership abilities and strong mindedness. china's special envoy to the six-party talks has said he heard that kim jong un is tall, like his grandfather, kim ill song who established communist rule in north korea. >> we are covering issues regarding the korean peninsula and thank you very much for joining us. north korea has named kim jong-il's third son vice chairman of the central military committee of the worker's party, a key post. tell us
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
better use information technology, they're launching a council to promote i.t.-based administrative services. the city of seoul called tuesday's meeting. the south korean capital has computerized most of its services including the issuance of resident certificates. >> i expect the power of i.t. to create a wave of mutual collaboration that will reach out to every city around the world. >> the mayor also expressed hope the council would provide business opportunities for south korean firms. the meeting featured an exhibit of cutting edge service technology developed by south korea's samsung and lgl electronics, among others. it included a global positioning system monitor that shows the wait times at bus stops. also on display was a system that sends hospital prescriptions to a pharmacy online so that patients can pick up medication without a long wait. >>> japan's panasonic has developed a portable camera-mounted navigation system that takes pictures and provides information about most tourist spots and other places. the product jointly developed with a travel guidebook publisher ca
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
>>> hello there. welcome to "newsline." glad you to join us. it's thursday, september 9th, 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. >>> energy giant bp has concluded that the catastrophic gulf oil spill was caused by a linked series of mechanical and human failures involving multiple companies. its report has immediately been met by a backlash. the investigation was conducted by a team of bp and outside experts, and disclosed on wednesday. the report blames eight interlinked findings for the incident or accident including the poor quality of cement used to contain hydrocarbons at the sea bottom and the rig crew's delay in noticing irregular ates. outgoing bp representative tony hayward says a series of events led to the tragedy. he insisted transocean and others are responsible. transocean immediately issued a comment calling the report a self-serve attempt to conceal the real cause of the explosion that started the disaster. it said bp had made a series of cost-saving decisions that increased the risk of an accident. the accident in april in the gulf of mexico left 11 dead and
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
africa. senegal used to be a relatively wealthy country by african standards. here in the slums of dakar, the capital city, 80% of the residents make less than $2 a day. less than 10% of the people have steady jobs. here is the poor area in the center of dakar, many migrants who left their homeland because of desertfy indication are living here. this man came here with his family five years ago from a village 300 kilometers away. >> translator: this is all the money i have left. this would only buy me a cup of coffee. >> translator: the village just didn't get any rain. the land turned barren, and nothing grew. >> in recent years, desertification has severely damaged farmland. many people have lost their homes or means to make a living and so they migrate to the cities joining the large number of people already living in poverty. >> a group of people have come together. they're working to create a strip of land 15 kilometers wide and stretching 7,600 across the african continent. the goal is to plant trees that grow well in dry climates and reforest the land near the villages. here
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
you very much for joining us today. >>> japanese people enjoy eating a variety of seaweed. one kind famous for its soft texture is considered a delicacy. a good harvest of kelp or kombu, as it's called in japan, needs sunny weather, never a sure thing in some parts of japan. next we follow some kelp harvesters in hokkaido, northern japan, who must wait for a sunny day. kombu gatherers in the hidaka region start harvesting in july. summer is the busiest time of year because that's when the kelp is softest. drying seaweed requires strong summer sunlight. kombu is said to be at its sweetest and most delicious when the sun dries it quickly, while it is still fresh. this means that to make good kombu, the kelp can only be harvested on sunny days. unfortunately, there haven't been many sunny days this season. takashi has harvest ed for year. he's only gone out ten times. that's half as much as usual. >> when the tide comes in, the waves are high. it's hard to get in and out of the boat. i may not go out today. my annual income is determined by this harvest, so it's a matter of life and de
Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm PDT
of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us. we'll be back at the top of the next hour you. hope to see you then.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6